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The next Flux shipping date is in the last week of April!


Included in the box:

1 x Flux Module

1 x Micro SD card (installed and ready to use)

1 x USB Cable

1 x  Eurorack Power Cable

4 x M2.5 Screws

4 x M3 Screws


Please note - Flux currently ships with metal Gold potentiometer and Black encoder knobs due to part availability. Flux is also still in beta with major additions to the firmware being added via downloadable updates. Until Flux is feature complete, these major additions can introduce bugs to the firmware (usually minor issues). Once all major features have been added, we will optomize all parameters and modes while fixing minor issues along the way.


Flux is a complex rhythm sequencer showcasing the IOLabs’ Temporal Modulation Synthesis™ algorithm in Eurorack format. Flux is an advanced rhythm synthesis platform designed for true polyrhythms and experimental rhythm sequencing. 4 channels, each with 3 rhythm outputs and 1 CV output allow Flux to function as the rhythmic heart of your modular synth.


The TM algorithm bends time, warping the space between triggers in a step by applying user controlled TM curves to synthesize realistic rhythms. TM curves can be linear,  logarithmic, exponential or complex. The algorithm is simple to use - select a step length, a density of triggers in the step and apply a curvature. 16 of these steps can be joined per channel to create your rhythm sequence.


Flux goes beyond traditional, quantized rhythm sequencing and includes algorithms for simulating realistic drumming patterns. Each step of your sequence can send dense bursts of up to 64 triggers. The space between these triggers is controlled in 64-bit double precision floating point accuracy by the Temporal Modulation algorithm to apply your selected curve to your rhythms.


Patching the synchronised CV outputs to your VCAs and filters offers the possibility to control timbre and dynamics. Optional 1V/Octave quantisation of CV outputs is included for melodic CV output patching.


2 auxiliary gate outputs on each of the 4 channels offer rhythm delays, clock dividers & logic functions.


Without the constraints of grid quantisation, rhythm sequencing possibilities are limitless!


Shipping date scheduled for the last week in April 2024
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