Firmware Update Procedure

1. Backup your presets & download the appropriate Teensy Loader software for your operating system:




2. Follow the instructions in the latest firmware zip file.

Firmware Release Notes

Open Beta V1.06 - MIDI Update:

New Features:


Full USB MIDI IO support:

• MIDI clock IO

• MIDI notes out for all 12 gate outputs

• A new velocity parameter per gate output (VELO - main out, AUX1, AUX2) to select how velocity is calculated for the note (fixed 0-127 or multiple cv-linked modes converting 0-8V to 0-127 velocity)

• The CV source to calculate each output’s velocity can be selected from any of the 4 channel’s CV outputs

• All parameters control-able via CC & NRPN messages

• A new jitter lock parameter to lock the BPM calculation to stabilise jittery clocks in fixed BPM sessions

• MIDI exclusive ‘mute hardware outputs’ messages for each of the 16 outputs allowing you to mute selected outputs via MIDI

• MIDI clock output is available in INT and BURST clock modes for this initial release and MIDI clock input is activated by selecting a new MIDI option in the CLK menu

• 4 Max for Live devices are included in the firmware folder along with documentation on MIDI setup, installation and a guide for designing MIDI controllers for Flux (including full MIDI implementation charts)


Burst Mode:

Trigger any step via gate inputs or MIDI notes, decoupled from the internal sequencer timing. In Burst mode, the internal BPM is still used to calculate rhythms but compression/expansion is no longer limited to the step length so you may effectively alter each channel's BPM using the compression/expansion parameter. If a trigger is received before the step has concluded, the step resets. Select a step to trigger with the LAST parameter.


External Clock Mode Rework:

Full re-write of external clock modes including support for start/stop controlled by a voltage at the ‘S’ input in a new EXTS clock mode. EXT now uses the external clock input but start/stop is controlled by the start/stop button on the interface.

Multiple General Improvements & Fixes:

• Fixed an issue in which probability would apply to the next step • Fixed an issue in which Humanize & Masking would cause drop outs in external clock mode

• If MIDI mode is selected, PPQN is auto-set to 24

• The sequencer must now be stopped to change PPQN, a reminder message will appear if attempting to change PPQN while the sequencer is running

• ALL, Star and step outline box blinking are now decoupled from tempo so that they remain a useable visual aid when composing at low BPMs

• Holding star while selecting an AUX mode now jumps to the first option in the various modes, rather than advancing the selection by a fixed amount

• A new ‘High Visibility’ HEX is included in the firmware folder for users viewing the Flux display from a non-ideal angle. This HEX replaces the golden parameter titles with White to improve visibility

• The user manual has been updated and a printer friendly version is available and included in the firmware zip file

Open Beta V1.051 - Stability Update:


  • Fixed an issue in which presets would not recall and activate Aux settings.

  • Fixed an issue in which presets would not recall and activate Phase Shift settings for all steps.

  • Changing ‘VCA’ parameters in the Evolve UI with ALL active now adds to or subtracts from the correct column.

  • Quantization nodes now numbered from 0 for more intuitive simple interval input.

  • Changed 'FREQ' to 'LENG' in the Evolve UI.

  • * values now consistent across main UI and Mod screens.

Open Beta V1.05 - Variations Update:

New features:

  • Evolve UI added to modulation pages, bringing 85 internal LFOs with unique frequency, wave shape, depth and a virtual VCA for each.

  • VCA added to the Macro/CV mod matrix UI. This allows the Evolve LFO’s VCAs output amplification to be controlled by Macro Pots or CV inputs.

  • PROB parameter added to main UI page 1 with per step, per channel options for full step or individual trigger probability of being sent.

  • * and ALL buttons now function within MOD pages for faster navigation and parameter selection. In the Evolve UI, ALL being active adds to or subtracts from all parameter’s values. In the Macro and CV pages, ALL being active sets the modulation range for all channels.

  • RESET button added to all modulation pages. Right click for 2 seconds on the reset button to reset all modulation values to 0.

  • Density can now be set to 0 to allow interesting modulation options starting from silence.

  • Blinking ALL and * indicators added to the MOD & uSD pages.

  • Added momentary or latching options for * and ALL buttons.

  • Persistent configuration added for BPM, SHUF, SH16, CLK, PPQN, * MODE, ALL MODE and BOOT Started/Stopped.

  • Updated the main UI page 3 with new configuration options.

  • 24 and 48 PPQN options added.


  • Humanize range now limited to 127 for legacy preset comparability. 0-100 is the same subtle range while the new extreme ranges are mapped from 101-127.

  • Testing a new fix for Humanize dropped triggers in external clock mode.

  • Fixed an issue in which quantization nodes would not recall with presets after a power cycle.

  • Sample and Hold per step text changed from ‘0 or 1’ to ‘ON or OFF’.

  • Fixed LFO ignoring MINV and MAXV settings in Sample and Hold mode when trigger density is > 1.

  • Changed MINV & MAXV mod matrix * parameter change value from 1000 to 250.

  • Fixed an issue with Gate Length when Phase Shifting.

Open Beta V1.04 - Bug Fix Update:

  • Fixed an issue wherein the LFO would map to the entire voltage range, ignoring min and max settings, when sample and hold was active

  • Fixed an issue wherein presets could not be loaded when the sequencer was in a stopped state

  • Fixed an issue in which a release value of 0 would cause random voltages to appear at the CV output in some circumstances after the release stage had concluded in envelope modes

  • Fixed an issue with aux mode T16 not firing

  • Fixed an issue with quantization between 3-4 volts

  • Fixed an issue in which CV would not be applied in external clock mode

  • Added some first-pass improvements to the external clock and reset core: short triggers still preferred but further improvements in progress

  • Fixed an issue with humanize in which triggers could be dropped in certain circumstances.

  • Added an additional range to the humanize parameter (up to 200%, 100-200% now much more extreme in trigger offset)

  • Delay buffers now clear on stop to avoid previously recorded delay data playing on start

  • Shuffle now references the master clock instead of referencing individual step lengths and shuffle is now available per channel. Activate 'ALL' to change shuffle parameters for all channels or deactivate 'ALL' to set shuffle params individually per channel

  • Fixed an issue with reset sending triggers incorrectly.

Open Beta V1.03, UI Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • ALL now blinks and blinking is now synced to the downbeat.

  • New uSD param added - LOAD SYNC. When you press play, master clocks are running in the background to keep all channels tightly synced. This param allows you to schedule a preset to load, synced to the master clocks. For smoothest musical transitions, it is recommended to use a 16th value that matches the dominant sequence length of your rhythm. Options are 1-64 16ths (default = 16). Leaving the preset screen before the scheduled load activates, cancels the load.

  • Preset name now loads with the preset for easy overwriting/editing of previously saved presets.

  • The letter Z is now selectable for preset names.

  • Fixed an issue with CV inputs affecting all channels in some circumstances.

  • Temporarily disabled screen saver to investigate user reports of an audible artifact when waking up from sleep.

Open Beta V1.02, UI Update:

General UI Updates

  • The box that indicates the active step on the UI is now thicker and blinks to make it easier to see which step is currently being edited

  • Holding the * button while navigating the main UI now jumps between pages

  • Main UI pages now show the active channel and step at the top of the page

  • Changed the on screen text for coarse parameter change from 'X10' to '*' to match the interface button

  • The Green and Blue colours of channels 2 & 3 are now much brighter (if this is still not bright enough I will edit again in the next update)

  • Fixed an issue with step outlines disappearing while selecting a step to edit when long steps are active

  • The active page dots are now larger

​Preset UI Updates

  • All actions in the preset UI are now confirmed by clicking the right encoder button. 

  • The right encoder button now has 3 modes selectable at the top of the UI: SaveDelete & Load

  • Deleting a file is now instant and achieved by scrolling to it in Delete mode and right clicking (no need to enter the name)

  • Loading a file is now achieved by scrolling to it and right clicking in Load mode

  • Left click is no longer used 

  • The UI skips the Name params when in Delete or Load mode (much faster to navigate) 

  • Automatically overwrite preset added to Save mode (much quicker to save iterations)

  • UI text updated

  • The UI now remembers which parameter was last active when switching between the main UI and uSD screen making switching between the two to make edits, iterations, loads and saves much faster

Open Beta V1.01:

  • Fixed an issue when using clock dividers on more than 1 channel.