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Please note: Particles ships in July in chronological order so Kickstarter rewards will be shipped, then web orders will be next!


You can view many videos on our Kickstarter page here:


Particles is a touchscreen creative physics simulator in Eurorack format. Each particle in the simulation can be given unique values for acceleration, velocity, gravity, mass and starting XY position offering a flexible and powerful range of possibilities. Particles can travel through portals, be removed from the simulation by black holes and collide with the environment and each other to generate gates. The particle's XY position can be mapped to the CV outputs to create waveforms or quantized to create melodies. Collisions may also be switched off for any or all particles allowing them to travel freely around the display without colliding with other sim elements.

Simulations can be drawn from scratch with the touchscreen or setup in fine detail by manually inputting positional values in the UI. Surfaces can be animated to create structures that move the particles around the display in a controlled manner, funneling into choke points for dense collisions or directing the particles along a user-drawn path towards specific quantized voltages.

Internal timed resets or external reset inputs can be used to sync the module or to create repetition and rhythm. Alternatively, no resets can be used for free flowing, ongoing compositions that generate musical events based on collisions and current particle locations. Particles offers a vast range of compositional possibilities and a blank canvas to explore using physics to create music!


The price for the module will be discounted based on time remaining until shipping. We estimate the final price to be around £600.


Main Features Overview

  • Add up to 50 particles
  • Add surfaces, portals, fixed particles & black holes
  • Animate surfaces
  • Choose background and simulation colours
  • Set physics parameters per particle
  • Each particle can control up to all 12 outputs
  • Generate gates on collisions
  • Toggle output states on collisions
  • Generate CV outputs from particle positions
  • Quantize CV outputs with up to 8 different quantize note groups per simulation
  • Preset scales and transposition modes
  • Micro SD preset storage
  • Modular presets (load particle groups, sim element groups and quantization zones as separately if desired, loading a full preset is also possible of course)
  • MIDI support in some form (TBC)


Technical Specifications

  • Arm Cortex M7
  • 800*480 IPS Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 8 Reset inputs
  • 4 CV inputs
  • 8 CV Outputs
  • 8 Gate Outputs
  • 4 Macro Pots
  • 36 HP 
  • 30mm Depth
  • 360 mA +12V
  • 52 mA -12V
  • 0 mA +5V
  • Reverse Polarity Power Protection

Particles: Eurorack Touchscreen Physics Simulator

£599.00 Regular Price
£499.00Sale Price
Shipping date scheduled for July 2024
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